The Australian pharmaceutical market represents a knowledge-based, technology-intensive industry which is driven by good market access to pharmaceutical drugs, higher generic penetration, increasing awareness of the lifestyle and chronic diseases and the subsidised cost of prescription medicines through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) for all eligible patients.

The country landscape bodes well with the Strides' scarcity driven business model, and we were one of the early entrants to the market through Ascent Pharma, which in the year 2012, was acquired by Watson Pharmaceuticals.  We re-entered the market in 2015 as Arrow Pharmaceuticals(Arrow) and is amongst the top 3 generics companies of Australia. 

Arrow, today, enjoys a nation-wide sales presence, driving distribution and loyalty in generics and its proprietary "Chemist’s Own" Over the counter (OTC) portfolio. We sell over 190 molecules with a pharmacy coverage of 1,400+ stores and 4,000+ pharmacy accounts.  We have established longstanding relationships with major retail pharmacy groups and wholesalers including association with Sigma which is one of the largest pharmacy-led networks in Australia. We also hold a significant competitive advantage by owning the IP for most of the portfolio products. This apart, a notable portion of our offerings are backwardly integrated to Strides' TGA approved global manufacturing base. 

We continue to expand our operations in Australia with enhanced pharmacy footprint and a widened portfolio through the various in-house developments and in-licensing opportunities. In 2018, we also announced our intent to merge Arrow with Apotex's Australian business. The combined entity together expects to have the broadest range of products and pharmacy coverage in Australia’s generics pharmaceutical industry. The deal closure is subject to regulatory approvals.

Headed by Dennis Bastas, The Arrow team brings together a group of industry professionals with rich experience across R&D, business development, professional services, sales and marketing.