Strides Leadership Training & Development

At Strides, we want leaders who have the requisite knowledge, are passionate about what they do, lead with ideas and excel in their execution. We want employees who can transition from individual contributors to team leaders and onto senior leadership positions within the organization.

Therefore, a lot of our emphasis is on growth through continuous learning. Our talent development programs are directed towards building this capability in our employees while also preparing them to manage organizational growth.

Talent Identification Process

Talent Identification ProcessWho will rise to senior roles? Who can be more effective in challenging roles? Who is committed to the organization? The answers to these questions are an important part of our talent identification process. We look at employees who have business acumen, who can challenge the status quo, think strategically, and foster change. The ability to provide thought leadership and be agile is a definite plus.
  • Potential

    Employees who have the drive, the judgment, and the influence to rise to the top

  • Competence

    Employees who show functional proficiency, managerial effectiveness, and leadership. This involves looking at how they:

    • Understand and manage stakeholders
    • Optimizes the 4Ms (Man, Machine, Method, Material)
    • Resolves conflicts
    • Delivers on schedule with quality
    • Flexes management style to suit the occasion

    We also look to see how an employee:

    • Directs, empowers and delegates as needed
    • Listens to, and aligns their team to the organization
    • Networks seamlessly across teams and cultures
    • Role models GPS behaviors
    • Engages with empathy and energy
  • Cultural fit

    Stride employees who aspire to senior ranks must exhibit:

    ICE Values
    • Integrity
    • Collaboration
    • Efficiency
    Stride Behaviors

    • Responsive
    • Proactive
    • Organized
    • Learning mindset
    • Team development
    • Leading change

Promoting and developing talent

Promoting and developing talent

Once identified, potential employees are groomed to be the leaders of the future. Stride offers a wide range of programs that allow employees to bride their skill gaps, hone their competencies and develop their organizational abilities.

Strides leadership development journey

These individualized development plans are designed to include key stakeholder feedback. This is an intensive, closely monitored program that is spread over three phases across nine months.

  • Foundation
    Planned to build awareness, this phase of the leadership development program aims to build individual strengths, bridge development gaps, and reflect on stakeholder feedback.
  • Emerging
    This phase includes coaching, experiential learning, and special projects. The employee will build their personal brand and followers.
  • Embedded
    During this phase, employees must make an impact. They have increased influence as global leaders and will now develop next gen leaders and new talent.

This program is effective from the organizational viewpoint as well.

  • Agile organization
    This program helps the organization identify and roll out its transformational agenda.
  • Business results
    It helps retain key talent and exceed strategic and operational goals.
  • Resilience
    It helps to develop a strong succession pipeline and talent pool that mitigates organizational risks and helps build the employer brand.

Plant Managers Academy

Strides’ leadership development and training program also uses its inhouse capabilities to train future leaders.

The Plant Managers Academy is Strides’ platform to build leadership and strategic capabilities that will enable the global product supply organization to attain its REACH25 goal.

This immersive, action-based learning journey runs over five quarters with simulated sessions planned every three months. It centers around three themes:

  • Managing self
  • Managing teams
  • Impacting business

Designed as part of the PMA, these interventions will equip plant managers with a toolbox that they can leverage and deploy to address the challenges and aspirations of their respective plants. The program is delivered in-person, through online sessions, on-the-job projects, and communities of practice.

General certifications and Learning and Development programs

These are very structured programs facilitated through interactive learning, projects, seminars, and presentations. These technical orientation sessions and online certification courses are held regularly to enhance employees’ pharma domain knowledge. They provide employees with a learning platform to understand the operations of various units within the company. Employees are also encouraged to pursue external diplomas and online continuing education programs to build and upgrade their competencies.

Overseas assignments

Strides’ global presence provides employees exciting opportunities to enrich their work experience in new functions or new geographies. Overseas opportunities offer employees rich global exposure and include full time secondments as well as short term projects. These opportunities are publicized through internal job postings.

PACE – Performance and Capability Enhancement

PACE is the essential skills suite that is offered to all employees. It encompasses business and soft skills such as communication, presentation, MS Office, planning & prioritization, time management, performance conversations, problem solving, and effective collaboration.

Delivered in-person or virtually, these programs focus on building and practicing skills that employees can apply in their daily routines.