Strides is a multilocational organization that celebrates the diversity of its workforce around the globe. We are committed to ensuring this diversity of thought and opinions. Race, nationality, color, religion, age, gender, marital status or sexual preference, disability, and current employment status have no bearing on our hiring process, which is based solely on qualifications, ability, and merit.

We have a ‘People First’ approach. Under our WeCARE umbrella, there are several initiatives around well-being, care, recognition, and growth. Strides is a ‘listening and communicating organization’. Towards this end, there are several reach-out forums that are open through the year for employees to speak up and be listened to.

Our WeCARE initiatives focus on:

  • 01, Wellness

    In the active pursuit of our employees’ holistic health and well-being, we are deeply invested in our employees’

    • Physical wellness

    • Mental wellness

    • Financial wellness

    • COVID support

  • 02, Celebrate

    We celebrate our employees’ moments, movements, and milestones.

    • Moments

      From birthdays and anniversaries to festivities, we are a part of our employees’ celebrations.

    • Movements

      We celebrate your Career@Strides. Each promotion or progression in your career is a success story for us.

    • Milestones

      A completed project. A target achieved. Career milestones are important to you and to us.

  • 03, Assimilate

    You are now a Stridian. We will help you assimilate into the Strides way of life through:

    • TheOneStrides Way

    • 1-Onboarding

  • 04, Recognize

    Recognition is a motivational tool that inculcates an inspiring and fulfilling work environment. At Strides, we recognize Stridians who go above and beyond with a slew of initiatives that include:

    • All-Stars Rewards
    • Daily Huddles recognition
    • Peer-Peer
    • Manager-Team member
    • SEEK

  • 05, Energize

    As a listening and communications organization, Strides seeks to inculcate an open environment for its employees. To this end, the organization offers:

    • Conversation

      • Fireside chats
    • Connects

      • Townhalls
      • Amber Connects
    • Capability

      • Plant Manager Academy
      • Succession Planning