US the largest and most attractive pharma markets globally, is a strategic geography for Strides. Our presence there enhances our ability to reach a larger base of customers and patients in need of quality treatment options. Strides Pharma Inc. is the front-end company with a clear vision of providing quality healthcare products to the market both in Prescription, Private label, OTC, and consumer health markets.

Strides re-entered the US market in 2015 post the divestment of our Specialty injectables Franchisee- Agila. Today, we are on the cusp of getting to a critical size and our focus is mainly on the niche, low volume, low competition, high technology barrier products built around Modified Releases, soft-gel capsules (SGCs), topicals and liquids. We also produce high competition products where we enjoy the benefits of a fully integrated value chain. We have an overwhelming focus on efficient R&D to derive on-time approvals, market launches, and sustain growth momentum.

At the end of March 2022, we have a portfolio of 220+ ANDAs. We continue to utilize our R&D capabilities for 15+ filings every year to benefit from new regulations. Additionally, we will also leverage our front-end presence to scale our business.