Corporate social responsibility and sustainability is as central to our business as pharmaceuticals. We pursue both with equal passion, contributing to the growth and development of communities around us.

Education and Health

Uttarakhand Relief and Rehabilitation  

“If it was not for Arogyadhama and the caring staff there I wouldn’t have survived” says Muniyamma, a tuberculosis cured patient, who was on treatment with Arogyadhama for six weeks, on the recommendation of the Government PHC doctors. Read More

Uttarakhand Relief and Rehabilitation : Our dedication to the nation

Uttarakhand Relief and Rehabilitation  

Stridians had responded whole heartedly to our appeal for supporting the people who were affected by the unprecedented disaster at Uttarakhand due to Himalayan Tsunami. Read More

Health Camp

activity, Health Camp  

Health Drive was organised at our adopted Government schools of Gottigere and Haragadde, which was aimed at identifying and addressing health related issues like anemia, malnutrition, etc., and improve the general health of children. Read More

Strides Arogyadhama

activity,  Strides Arogyadhama  

We are proud to announce an important milestone in our CSR activities. Based on a need identification by our NGO partner Samhita , we along with Strides Foundation have decided to construct a Primary Health Centre ( PHC ) at Suragajkkanahalli. Read More

Parivarthan – Our work with schools

activity, Parivarthan  

"Leadership Adoption Program for Schools" (LeAPS) is a program designed for government school students who are in need of motivation to achieve their goals in their life. Usually school students are the ones who are not getting the proper encouragement to reach their goals. Read More