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Health Camp

Health Drive was organised at our adopted Government schools of Gottigere and Haragadde, which was aimed at identifying and addressing health related issues like anemia, malnutrition, etc., and improve the general health of children. In these camps, various tests were taken up, such as Cardio Vascular tests, Respiratory tests, Hook-worm infestation, Muscular Skeletal test, Skin & Hair test, Learning Abnormalities and Anemia detection.

50 Stridians volunteered for the cause along with a couple of volunteers from Peoplepro and the respective class teachers to make this successful. The untiring services of the doctors is definitely commendable.

It is worth to note that 450 students from both the Government schools participated in the Medical camp. Our initial assessment indicates that the children are healthy, however, we still need to monitor and enhance their General Health by providing multivitamin and Iron supplements. Few of the students have been referred to specialists. We are thankful to all our volunteers for their support.