Corporate social responsibility and sustainability is as central to our business as pharmaceuticals. We pursue both with equal passion, contributing to the growth and development of communities around us.

Parivarthan – Our work with schools


"Leadership Adoption Program for Schools" (LeAPS) is a program designed for government school students who are in need of motivation to achieve their goals in their life. Usually school students are the ones who are not getting the proper encouragement to reach their goals. Leaps program is a way to help students to know all those things and helps to bring out the best in them by giving them motivation through working in a group and individual.

Leaps program module is an annual plan, chalked according to the age of the students. Strides along with Peoplepro consultants are helping these students under the CSR activity, which has helped many government school students in the past 4 years. Last year 660 students were benefitted under this program.

In addition to this Stridians are helping the students to achieve their goals through Employee Engagement program which provides an opportunity for the employees to involve in various activities which bring about positive change and impact in the various spheres of the community which including education, environment, communities etc

Big Buddy - Big Buddy Programme gives an opportunity for the employees who love to counsel to mentor children by even being a guide a philosopher and a teacher to them.

APEX - (Academic Programme For Excellence) - Through the Apex Programme Employees receive a chance to assist children to improve their performance in studies .The employees should have a flair to teach others and should be good with academic subjects

DOVS - (Development Of Vocational Skills) - DOVS aims at empowering children with additional vocational skills like carpentry, painting, cooking, stitching, computers etc along with academics that they will be self dependable in their tomorrows.

T2 - (Teachers Training Programme) - In T2, teachers are given training which equip them to be better role models for the students.

LAP - (Life Application Program) - The Life Application session allows the children to experience new situations in unfamiliar surroundings that brings the children out of their comfort zone. In Life application Program the students are taken to fieldtrips and outdoor trips to reliance fresh store, Commonwealth train visit etc. whereby they receive an exposure, learning and experience which will help them to apply their learning and also to dream and achieve better in their life.

PIP - Parents Improvement Programme - gives an opportunity for the employees to conduct improvement programmes for parents through workshops; street plays etc thereby work towards community development.